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The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, founded in 1993, is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and is the state’s only free-market, public-policy think tank focused on research ideas related to limited government, free enterprise, individual initiative and liberty.

OCPA has tried to not only implement public policy based on these principles, but also to give young Oklahomans an opportunity to get involved with these issues. One of these opportunities is through the internship program.

Interns are assigned to policy or marketing and assist OCPA staff with projects and events. This internship is for undergraduates (regardless of major), graduate students or law students with a strong commitment to the principles of free enterprise and limited government.

OCPA’s office is located just south of the state capitol building, giving interns the opportunity to network with lawmakers, legislative and administrative agency staff, policy experts and the media on a weekly basis.


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Send a resume and cover letter to internships@ocpathink.org