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Policy Papers
Image An Analysis and Critique of the Recent S&P Bond Rating Downgrade of Oklahoma Image Out of Balance Image The Economic and Fiscal Impact from Phasing Out Oklahoma's Personal Income Tax Image Assessing Oklahoma's Public Universities
Image FY-2015 Proposed Budget Image Saving Workers' Retirement Image Medicaid Expansion Memorandum Image Oklahoma’s History with Income Tax Cuts: A Story of Growth
Image Saving Workers’ Retirement: First Steps Toward Public Pension Reform in Oklahoma Image FY-2014 Proposed State Budget Image Considerations for Public Employee Compensation Image FY-2013 Proposed State Budget
Image Economics 101 Image Once More into the Breach Image Oklahoma Leading the Nation Image Eliminating the State Income Tax in Oklahoma
Image Education in the Digital Age: Policy Reforms to Improve Learning Options in Oklahoma Image Oklahoma Higher Education: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom Image Projecting Oklahoma's Medicaid Expenditure Growth Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Image Can Oklahoma Create a “Free Market” Health Insurance Exchange Using the $54 Million Early Innovator Grant?
Image FY-2012 Proposed State Budget Image Innovative Ideas for Oklahoma’s Future Image Reforms With Results Image Enhanced Financial Reporting for State Government: Comparing Cost to Performance
Image Enhanced Financial Reporting for State Goverment Image Oklahoma Comprehensive Health Independence Plan Image A Tax and Budget Assessment of Oklahoma Image Courting Trouble: Why the Teacher Unions 'Adequacy' Argument Belongs in the Legislature
Image Hot Air: How Oklahoma Inflates Its Educational Progress Under No Child Left Behind Image A Closer Look at Education Spending Image OCPA Budget: A State Budget that Respects Your Family Budget Image Education in Oklahoma: The Real Costs
Image Has SoonerCare Achieved Its Objectives? Image Why Oklahomans from A to Z Should Embrace School Choice Image Blueprint for a Nanny State Image Oklahoma's Death Tax: Not O.K.