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Lunchtime Links | February 13

February 13, 2018 - 12:00pm CST

Here's what our policy experts are reading today (Links do not constitute endorsements).

KFOR: OCPA offers budget “plan that can pass”

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) has offered a revenue plan they are confident would pass.

“A plan that can pass also has to be one that doesn’t unfairly target the most vulnerable, working Oklahoman families and small businesses,” said OCPA President Jonathan Small.

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NonDoc: Step Down, Revenue bill short again in Oklahoma House

The primary revenue bill included in the Step Up Oklahoma plan has failed to receive 76 votes in the House of Representatives today, the second time in fewer than 100 days that a major revenue bill has fallen short.


“This plan represents what the OCPA thinks should be done if taxes have to be increased,” Small said. “OCPA did not take an official position on Step Up. One of the big reasons we didn’t is that Step Up has changed so much since it was introduced. It’s so difficult in a political environment to play whack-a-mole in a political package.”

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FOX25: OCPA releases revenue plan they say could pass without unnecessary tax increases

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs has released a revenue plan that they say could pass without "unnecessary" tax increases.

The group says their plan still funds a $5,000 teacher pay raise without bringing tax increases to working families and small businesses. OCPA Chairman Larry Parman and OCPA President Jonathan Small announced the plan Feb. 12 at the State Capitol.

“Many people have asked OCPA for, in their words, ‘a plan that can pass,’ something that doesn’t raise taxes on working families, something simple that doesn’t require lawmakers to go through much gnashing of teeth from state government bureaucrats and tax consumers, but that still funds a $5,000 teacher pay raise and prevents nursing homes and other critical services from going under," Parman said.

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Oklahoma Growth and Opportunity Summit: Register today!

Grassroots Oklahomans don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to hear from experts across the state on how our budget process works. What are the pitfalls and obstacles in creating a budget for the many agencies and departments within Oklahoma. Do tax credits benefit Oklahoma citizens? What influence does the Oklahoma state constitution have on our budget process?

The Oklahoma Growth and Opportunity Summit 2018, focuses on the facts behind Oklahoma’s state budget, and the sharing of knowledge to arm citizens with a better understanding of the budget process.

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