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Oklahoma’s Highly Profitable Nonprofit Hospitals

By Baylee Butler and Byron Schlomach Many “nonprofit” hospitals are highly profitable entities with vast amounts of net revenue, large cash balances, profligate capital spending, and generous executive compensation. Yet they constantly plead poverty and demand ever more government spending. Every ... READ MORE

TSET Promotes Alcohol Consumption, Other Risky Behaviors

By Trent England Why does a state agency award grants for “alcohol use prevention” while promoting bars? And why would any state agency spend money to promote “drag shows” and other raunchy programs at nightclubs? OCPA’s Center for Investigative Journalism recently reported that Oklahoma’s Tobacco... READ MORE

Oklahoma Bar Association, Far Left Attack Scott Pruitt

By Jonathan Small A liberal U.S. senator investigates a member of the Trump administration. The storyline is uninteresting, except that the target is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt, and the senator’s strategy involves filing a complaint with the Oklahoma Bar Assoc... READ MORE

Private-School Choice Boosts College Enrollment, Graduation

By Mike Brake The best test of any school choice program is this simple one: Does it help kids learn more? New research into the nation’s largest school choice program, Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program (FTC), shows that it clearly does. “Although several studies have documented the effects... READ MORE

Teacher Absenteeism Is a Problem in Oklahoma’s Public Schools

By J. E. McReynolds In Oklahoma, the chronic teacher absenteeism rate for charter schools is around 5 percent. In traditional public schools, it’s 20 percent. Students learn more when their regular teachers are in the classroom. They learn less when those teachers are absent. Charter schools have ... READ MORE